Jane Early January 20, 2016 – updated 5/22/24

Audrey Boschen Seay RN cape
Audrey Boschen Seay RN cape

The family of Audrey Seay donated her cape and cap. Audrey attended Stuart Circle Hospital School of Nursing in Virginia. Stuart Circle Hospital was opened in 1913 by seven Richmond doctors who believed that an individual approach to medicine would better benefit their patients. The school operated from 1914 to 1975, during which time it graduated 1063 nurses.

Audrey completed her nurses training in 1951, married and moved with her husband to the west coast. A similar story for many nurses and women of the 1950s. In addition to family responsibilities, husband and four children, she continued her education receiving a bachelor of science and Master’s degree in hospital administration from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Ms. Seay demonstrated a strong commitment to nursing through her work as an industrial nurse at the Ford Motor Company. In addition, she received an award for outstanding community service, served as president of the Downriver Nurses Association in the 1960s and 1970s. While working as assistant administrator at Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center she was asked to establish Health Emergency Medical Services, HEMS. She also served as councilwoman and assisted in the establishment of the Michigan Disaster Medical Team, DMAT. These are only a few of her many accomplishments.

She continued her service to the community, and through her nursing and leadership skills while in retirement in Florida. Ms. Seay’s involvement with the Florida Disaster Medical Team provided much needed support to the community during and after Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

The Museum Board wishes to express our thanks to the family for their generosity.