Exhibits and Collections

Many of our exhibits come with stories from the nurses who contributed the items, each artifact and anecdote is a testament to the profound impact of those who have dedicated their lives to nursing. We extend our deepest gratitude to the donors who have shared these invaluable pieces of history. Their generosity allows us to preserve and celebrate the legacy of nursing as well as inspire and educate future generations.

Many of our pieces are on rotation, those found here on the website are a selection from the museum.

Visiting Nurses Exhibit

Public Health Visiting Nurses Exhibit

Public Health and Visiting Nurses have served valiantly in many locations and varied situations. They pioneered the way for home health care as we know it today.

Take a look back at the history behind the formation of the Visting Nurses Association, which was founded in New York, NY in 1889 by Lillian D. Wald. There are many informative articles displayed on the first floor of the Benilde Tower building.

Navy Nurse Museum Exhibit

The Navy Nurse Corps Association has deeded their cap and pin collection to our museum.

The NNCA was established in 1987 as a non profit organization dedicated to bringing Navy nurses together to “honor those who served before us and preserve the legacy for those who will serve after us”. The NNCA maintains a on-line virtual museum that can be accessed here.