Welcome to the Museum of Nursing History located at La Salle University!

In January of 2013, La Salle University welcomed the Museum of Nursing History to reside in the St. Benilde Tower of the former Germantown Dispensary and Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is now the West Wing of the University.

The Museum began as a Day to Celebrate Nurses on May 10, 1974 at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, PA, which evolved into a Bicentennial project in 1976 when the History of Nursing Museum and Library was founded by monetary donations and memorabilia from nurses and friends of nursing.

Nurses from all over the United States and abroad (i.e., Australia, Canada, Great Britain, France, and Iceland) have donated diaries, letters, books, uniforms, caps, pins, and many other historical items for nursing students, graduate nurses, nursing researchers, and the public to view or to investigate the early decades of nursing history.

See a replica of Florence Nightingale’s dress in the Atrium of St. Benilde Tower and an enlarged framed letter from Miss Nightingale to Alice Fisher, Foundress of the Philadelphia General Hospital School of Nursing, “Old Blockley,” (Christmas 1877). Read student ledgers from the turn of the century, a World War I Diary, or find your nursing school’s yearbook.

VIEW CASES filled with nursing uniforms (Civilian and Military), nursing caps and pins, former patient care equipment, ie, suction machines and porcelain bed pans, and other nursing memorabilia by signing up for guided tours, or schedule research to review old books and documents.

Sandra Davis, ED.D, RN President

The Museum of Nursing History is at La Salle University in St. Benilde Tower

Would you like to make a donation to the museum? We would love to display your nursing treasures and tell their stories.

Monetary donations are always welcome as well!

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