Nursing History Resources

Learning from the past helps us to gage our progress and inform others about the importance of and unique position of the nursing profession. Nursing has been a part of every community, large or small in some capacity since humanity began. It is at it’s heart, caring for one another. We knew to clean a wound, stabilize a break, keep a sick person quiet and warm. And we learned more with every experience what worked and what did not. Eventually, the nursing profession became what we know now as an integral part of healthcare and wellbeing.

We hope you take a moment to visit some of these other nursing history resources. We think you will find them quite interesting!

The American Association for the History of Nursing (AAHN) is a professional organization open to everyone interested in the history of nursing. The purpose of the Association is to foster the importance of history as relevant to understanding the past, defining the present, and influencing the future of nursing.

Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing Our priority is to increase the understanding of the importance of the history of nursing and healthcare to the development of our healthcare system and in crafting effective health policies and patient care strategies.

New Zealand Nursing Education and Research Foundation A large collection of oral histories collected from nurses who trained during the 1950s and 1960s and capture both the everyday elements of nursing practice along with some of the more unusual. (Visit the Archives tab)

Villanova Digital Library A nurse’s photo album depicting nurses in Pennsylvania between approximately 1907 and 1914. The album details her time at Pennsylvania hospitals in Allentown and Philadelphia, with her nursing friends as well as their leisure time. Photographic Album, Nurse in Pennsylvania, 1907-1914 (This a just one of many nursing items in the digital library, enter nurse in the search field for related items.)