Nurse Poets

The Museum of Nursing History has many books by nurse authors in our collections.

For example, in 1943 Professional Printing Co. Inc of New York issued a 110 page volume entitled, NURSES VERSES: An Anthology of Poetry by Nurses.

These were selections from the book, SONGS OF THE NIGHTINGALE, originally published in 1941 by Harbinger House of New York.


Jean H. Osborne

There is warmth of kindness here

For those whose heavy hearts are

Full of pain—-who seek again

Their own familiar selves.

It is a place of truth.

The bright lights burn far into the night

To save some shattered soul.

I, too, shall be a part of this

Before long.

 Did you share the same sentiment as Ms. Osborne when embarking on your nursing career? 

Sandra K. Davis, EdD, RN
President- Museum of Nursing History