US Cadet Nurse Corp

Cadet Nurse Corp uniform: gift from Evelyn Benson. In 1942, after Pearl Harbor, there were 42,000 nurses in the United States, and the US government requested an additional 125,000 nurses within the next two years. Frances Payne Bolton, an Ohio Congresswoman, philanthropist and nursing supporter, introduced the Bolton Act, which created the CADET NURSE CORPS.  […]

Nurse Uniform Circa 1900s

The museum recently received a wonderful donation of a 1900s style nurse uniform.  Unfortunately,  this uniform is lacking background information. The blue and white fabric is a cotton “Indian Head” and the white material is a batiste fabric. Do you have any knowledge regarding this uniform or a connection to an early school of nursing? […]

WW2 Australian Army Nurse Uniform

The Australian Army nurse uniform is no longer on display.    Without the generosity of our donors we would not be able to provide the public  with the opportunity to preserve and display interesting nursing artifacts.