Bishop Johnson College of Nursing Cap

The Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angelis, California was established in the late 19th century. Episcopalian nuns managed the hospital under the auspices of the Episcopal diocese. The first Episcopal Bishop named Johnson arrived in 1896. It is through his interest and energy the hospital grew. A School of Nursing was established at Good Samaritan Hospital. […]

Collection of School Pins

The Museum of Nursing History has an extensive collection of nursing pins.  Each school of nursing had a unique pin as well as a cap.  The capping ceremony frequently occurred following completion of the probation period.  Some schools had a method to distinguish completion of  “nurse’s training”  by adding a stripe, pin or changing the style  of the  school’s […]

Nurse Uniforms circa 1900s

Blue and White, 1900s style nurse uniform The museum recently received a wonderful donation of a 1900s style nurse uniform.  Unfortunately,  this uniform is lacking background information. The blue and white fabric is an “Indian Head” cotton and the white material is a batiste fabric. Do you have any knowledge regarding this uniform or a […]

WW2 Australian Army Nurse Uniform

WW2 Australian Army Nurse Uniform The WW2 Australian Army nurse uniform is no longer on display.  Without the generosity of our donors, we would not be able to provide the public with the opportunity to preserve and display interesting nursing artifacts. Although the uniform is no longer displayed, look at some of the photos from […]