Baby Nurse Picture: Child Raised by Nursing Staff for a Year

Baby Nurse brings on an unusual role for nurses


baby nurse

Mary Ellen Cheshire as an infant with the nurses who raised her.

A baby nurse is not something the Museum of Nursing History sees often. However, the Niagara-Gazette published an interesting article that describes an unusual role for nurses. We commend Michele DeLuca, the reporter of the article, for sharing this remarkable story. Please share the article with your family and friends after reading it!

The parents of Mary Ellen Cheshire — unable to take care of the newborn — left the young baby in the care of the nursing staff of the hospital she was born in. Cheshire received excellent care during the year she lived with the nurses. From a young age, she was taught the core of nursing values and grew up to continue caring for others. As a result, she led a peaceful life that was filled with family and love.

This story was made possible through the retellings of Cheshire’s granddaughter, Cheryl Oliver Fitzpatrick. Due to the fact Fitzpatrick was able to share so much, we’ve come to understand the grace of Mary Ellen Cheshire.

baby nurse

Cheryl Oliver Fitzpatrick with her grandmother, Mary Ellen Cheshire.


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