Abington Hospital Dixon School of Nursing is transitioning to meet Health care needs of the 21st century. The school will become a second campus for Jefferson College of Nursing in 2017 after the completion of the evening and weekend class graduate.

Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing

Abington Hospital student uniform including cape (Dixon School of Nursing)

Abington Hospital student uniform including cape (Dixon School of Nursing)

The Dixon School of Nursing has graduated more than 4000 nurses since establishment in 1915.  The current school will close in 2017 following the graduation of the evening/weekend  classes.  Research supports educating and employing BSN prepared nurses.  Many hospitals are moving toward  an all BSN educated RN staff.  Therefore, the expansion of the Dixon School to enable nurses to obtain a BSN is made possible with the creation of a second Jefferson College of Nursing campus. This campus will be referred to as the Abington Dixon campus.  This transition will help to meet the growing demand for BSN prepared nurses.  Students can apply to attend either campus.

The Abington Hospital is located on Old York Road in Abington.  In the late 19th and early 20th century, Old York Road travelers were horse drawn wagons and an occasional vehicle transporting travelers and  goods to and from the city of Philadelphia.  The nearby Willow Grove Park opening in 1896 changed all that. As injuries increased, private homes were used to care for the injured. The  village leaders saw a need for a hospital.   In 1907, a group of women met to plan for establishing a hospital.  One of these women was a nurse.  Mr. George Elkins was also involved, as his  car was used to convey persons for treatment (He owned the only car in the village.). In 1913, Mr. Elkins created a trust  fund to be known as the Stella Mcintyre Elkins Trust Fund.  One year later a forty bed general hospital and a Training School for nurses opened on May 15, 1914.

The community commitment to the hospital and the School of Nursing has been unfaltering  for more than 100 years.

Museum of Nursing History Records and  personal accounts from Abington Alumni members

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