Archives for February 2016

Public Health/Visiting Nurses Articles on Display

Public Health and Visiting nurses have served valiantly in many locations and varied situations. The museum has many informative articles on display for our visitors that recognize the skills of the nurses in this very challenging field. The Museum has these wonderful articles thanks to our many donors and supporters and the display can be […]

Peter Bent Brigham School of Nursing Pin on display

The beautiful pin of Peter Bent Brigham School of Nursing is now displayed at the Museum of Nursing History.  This donation has an explanation of  the meaning of the embossed symbols found on the pin.  The school was established in 1913 in the County of Suffolk, MA. Carrie M. Hall was the superintendent and first […]

Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of Nursing

The Dixon School of Nursing has graduated more than 4000 nurses since establishment in 1915.  The current school will close in 2017 following the graduation of the evening/weekend  classes.  Research supports educating and employing BSN prepared nurses.  Many hospitals are moving toward  an all BSN educated RN staff.  Therefore, the expansion of the Dixon School […]